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Music Monday, WFMZ 69News at Sunrise Appearance

When they say "69News at Sunrise", they really do mean at sunrise. A 4:30AM wakeup is damn early, especially for someone like me who kicks into gear around 10AM.  That, however, is what's required to get the gear to the TV station in Allentown from Chester County and get set up and sound checked by 7:30AM.   

Eve Russo, one of the WFMZ news anchors was a gracious host as always, and it was great to see Jaciel Cordoba and Steve Mittman in the studio as well.  

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BD  and Jim really delivered on this performance as the performers really go live almost stone cold.  For an instrumental band that is solo driven, you want to be as warmed up as possible before you play for people. 

 We had about 5 minutes of playing time total before our live segments aired, as the performance space is in the news studio about 5 feet away from the anchor desk.  BD and Jim handled it like pros.  Just another day at the office....