Bryan Tuk

Drummer | Producer | Arts Entrepreneur

Resolutions vs. Goals

Somehow the idea of New Year's resolutions and career goals became conflated on social media, particularly so this year.  You don't have to look far to see people posting their 2017 marketing plan on FB in the guise of being reflective. 

Separating the two concepts is important, because they are distinct.  You can't be a brand all the time, and you can't sell to your friends/audience all the time either.  I think the idea of personal branding can easily be taken too far and have the opposite of the intended effect.  If you post a constant stream of your professional achievements, goals, advertisements, pep talks, elevator pitches and the like, then you inadvertently cause people to tune out.  Some intentional scarcity is a good thing. 

On a personal note, my New Year's resolution is simple: be more present and focused in the moment.   I have a great family situation now and am ever aware of that, and I'm going to do everything I can to continue to take care of my people: Jenny, Sarah, Connor, Olivia, Ella and Colin.

As tumultuous as 2016 was, then hopefully 2017 is a year of peace on many fronts. 

As for my career goals, I'll keep to myself without public declaration and just DO them.  You'll know when they happen.  Believe me, you'll know. 

Build the future. 

To all, a safe, happy and prosperous 2017.