Bryan Tuk

Drummer | Producer | Arts Entrepreneur

Need a Live Drummer for Your Next Recording?

Loops and machines can only take you so far.  If you have a recording project and want a pro level live drummer to put drums down on your songs, email me and let's talk.  All I need are your tracks sent to me via dropbox and I can return fully mastered drum tracks (or raw pro tools files for your engineer).  

Career Coaching - Your Secret Weapon

If you are looking for a voice of experience, or a sounding board for your strategy sessions, or someone to help you navigate your way to achieving your professional, artistic or entrepreneurial dreams, contact me to sign up for coaching sessions.

I spent years walking down the expected path.  While I was a lifelong musician, I put some of those dreams on hold to pursue law school and a big law firm partnership.  Once I achieved those traditional goals, I realized that I was in the wrong place for me, and that there was so much more I could do with my talents, energy and drive.

As a social and arts entrepreneur, I launched a solo law practice to focus on the needs of non-profits and the “little guy”, and also launched the Allentown JazzFest and the Allentown FilmFest, bringing in a fresh and new approach to arts programming into the Lehigh Valley region.

As a teacher, I lecture on innovation and entrepreneurship at Cedar Crest College in Allentown.

With 30+ years behind the drum kit, 20 years in the legal profession, and a whole lot of time spent in conference and board rooms (and classrooms), I can be your secret weapon in achieving your goals with one-on-one coaching sessions and content that is designed to get you where you want to go – whether it’s an arts, non-profit, or social initiative you want to carry out but need some managerial level advice.

If you have a large scale arts or non-profit project and you want to retain me as a consultant, please email me.

If you have a legal question, that’s a totally different thing!  Please email me here.

The Risk and When to Take It

On the latest episode of my podcast, Creative Confidential, I posted an essay about taking risk.  

Here's an except from that episode: 

Today we talk about risk.

New Years is always a time for reflection and setting goals, whether you want to change aspects of your personal life or your professional life.
Sometimes the pathway to get to where you want to go isn’t easy. Actually, often it is not easy.  The path can be a treacherous one with risks at every turn.
No matter how many times you visualize accomplishing your goals, you will never anticipate all the risks and possible pitfalls that you will encounter along the way.
If you have found an idea that you can’t give up, an idea that consumes your thoughts when you should be focused on other things, then you are onto something worth pursuing.  Sometimes you have an idea.  Sometimes the idea has you, and that is the beginning of a journey.
If you have always wanted to be a filmmaker, if you’ve always wanted to be a novelist or work in the music industry, now is the time.