Bryan Tuk

Drummer | Producer | Arts Entrepreneur

I’ve known Bryan for close to 30 years, and he is by far one of the most trusted people I know. He is a natural educator, and in the role of my “start-up coach” he has brought fresh insight and feedback to my organization. He is not a “yes-man”, and his candid and tactful approach is helping me in ways I cannot measure.

Off the record: In addition to being a snappy dresser and having excellent personal hygiene, he’s a literal rock star in every sense of the word. Despite the fact that he spells his first name incorrectly…
— Brian Gilbert, CEO, FansRaise, Inc.
Bryan Tuk has certainly been a pleasure to work with in the studio. His laid back relaxed way of working puts musicians at ease, and as a consequence gets the best performance possible out of all the players involved on a given project. He takes the time needed to get it right. Attention to detail is one of Bryan’s most valuable qualities.
— Jim McGee, Owner/Chief Engineer, SpectraSound Recording, LLC
Bryan is a true musician. He has a very unique style and approach to his drumming. He incorporates multiple styles into a seamless progression. He plays for the music and feel of each piece that he works on. I would definitely recommend him for your next project.
— Andrew Chervak, Owner, Midnight Studios, LLC
Bryan Tuk was not only a great client/executive producer, but a great musician as well. Any time I needed something throughout the process of making his drumming videos, he was right on top of it! When it came time to shoot/record his performances he came in and nailed it. He made my job and my crew’s job a lot easier and gave us some amazing drumming to listen to as well! I look forward to working with him and seeing him perform many times in the future.
— Robert L. Mickles, Cinematographer, Director, Editor, Owner, 360 Digital Studios, LLC